St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
The Episcopal Church in Buffalo, New York

The Birth Of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

About the middle of September 1884, The Reverend C.H. Smith and Mr. William L. Jones arranged for the purchase of a parcel of land located on Babcock Street near Elk Street in South Buffalo and the building of thereon of a Church suitable for Church, and Sunday school purposes. The cost of the lot was $335.00, and the cost of the building was $1190.00. Thus was St. Matthew's born.

The Bishop made his first confirmation visit on February 15, 1887 and confirmed 15 persons. During the Easter season, Tuesday, April 12, 1887 the first Communion Service was held at St. Matthew's.

In the year 1909, the present site of St. Matthew's chosen, and the new building was constructed at 1182 Seneca , the corner of Wasson and Seneca Streets. This work was completed; the present structure was opened for worship in 1911.